Custom Research

Custom Research

Custom Marketing Research is an Art as well as a Science

At Booth Research, we do not believe in the one-size-fits all proprietary research tools you will see championed by other marketing research firms. Our reputation rests on our professional aptitude for creative marketing research solutions that are custom tailored to every research challenge our clients face.

We are a marketing research firm that is fascinated by all the different directions marketing research can go, and dedicated to finding the right path for your company by examining your marketing position, current customer base, and future goals.

There is no book to learn all the possible solutions, or a formula to determine the best of several worthy contenders while weighing the time and budget constraints of each unique project.

The right solutions change over time, across industries and even between companies. That’s why our President and Founder, Peter Booth, applies his 40 years of marketing research experience to every Booth Research initiative to arrive at the best solution for each individual client, striking the right balance of creative thinking vs. hard science, all while making the best use of the resources at hand.

This approach has brought success to industry leaders like UPS, BBDO, Coca Cola, AT&T and many others.