custom research design
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Custom Research Design

No two marketing research projects are the same, and we are experts in customizing unique research designs to every challenge using creative thinking and hard science...

how custom design works
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How Custom Design Works

Booth Research has spent the last 28 years perfecting a process for the development and execution of industry-best custom research...

market research 101 blog
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Market Research 101

Take a look at some articles on how Market Research can teach you what your customers are thinking, what they want, and why they want it...

improve accuracy with maxdiff
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Improve Accuracy with MaxDiff

Unreliable Data is Unacceptable...

Atlanta's Custom Market Research Firm

Atlanta’s Market Research Consultants

In our over 29 years in the Atlanta area, Booth Research has provided the best possible research solutions to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Entrepreneurial startups by utilizing our breadth of knowledge and experience to meet the unique requirements of each study.

Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative Market Research

Building client-centered quantitative marketing research solutions requires the ability to attack problems from multiple angles. We pride ourselves in our ability to implement the latest analytical research methodologies, and we strive to stay up to date on new techniques that may give our clients a competitive edge.

Actionable Market Research Reports

Research Action Plans

No matter which strategy we apply for your marketing research needs, we recognize that our final report needs to provide a clear direction forward. All Booth Research reports provide accurate, concise summaries of our research findings and the corresponding insights that will help your company grow.

Industry Solutions

Industries Served

Our breadth of experience and comfort with a broad range of research methodologies has fortified our ability to develop the right solutions for clients in a wide cross-section of industries.